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Logging into this website is only for active members of The Country Club of Colorado. If you are a member and are having issues logging in or resetting your password, please contact and we will get back to you within 48 business hours.

Please, note that logging into this site is a separate tool from the Member Portal (where you view your statements and schedule fitness classes).

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Member Directory
women walking in and out of a fitness center

Our Community of Members

At the Country Club of Colorado, we are thrilled to offer members a way to connect and make valuable relationships across our community. Please see below to get in touch with other members at Cheyenne Mountain Resort.

Member Directory

Adair, Monica

(719) 579-9312

Adair, Robert

Adams, Deborah

(719) 471-9346

Adams, Julie

(719) 527-8918

Adams, Rex

(719) 527-8918 (719) 866-4138

Adams, Rick

(719) 237-9772 (609) 658-7832

Adams, Suzanne

(719) 237-9772 (719) 634-2664

Aertker, Johane

(719) 641-4637

Aertker, Robert

(719) 641-4637 (719) 339-1720

Ahnfeldt, Arnold

(719) 576-0437 (719) 339-1720